Seminar & Workshop

A seminar paper is a work of original research that presents a specific thesis and is presented to group of interested peers, usually in an academic setting.

• Essential goals: Introducing students to an important question in the humanities, the relevant content necessary to study that question and the away in which the humanities pursue and generate knowledge, preparing students to real and evaluate primary texts in relationship to their contexts. Invited speakers present a paper exploring a topic and methodologies relevant to a range of subject disciplines followed by a discussion. In contemporary time being our college already conducted lot of disciplinary or inter- disciplinary seminar. The information about the events of discipline followed by the department basis.

• Department of English: An interdisciplinary seminar on “An Introduction to Shakespeare” was conducted at our college in collaboration with the department of Bengali on 03.03.2016. The distinguished guests of the above mentioned seminar were Sri Prithiraj Sen, a noted literacy figure and prof. Jayeeta Roy from Rabindra Bharati University. The teachers and pupils attended the seminar with immense enthusiasm.

• Department of Bengali: Department of Bengali was organized a National Seminar (UGC Sponsored) in collaboration with Fakir Chand College, entitled on “Sardha Shatabarshe Rabindranath O Satabarshe Gora”. The distinguished guests of the above mentioned seminar were Dr. Rabiranjan Chatterjee and Dr. Rabindranath Banerjee. Another one day departmental seminar held in our college entitled “Chinno Patre Rabindra Nath”. Dr. Anil Roy delivered a lecture as the main speaker. In remembering Centenary year celebrated writer Dinesh Chandra Sen, Bengali Department organized a seminar. Dr. Suranjan Middya delivered a lecture.

• Department of Education: Department of Education and Department of Philosophy took joint initiative to organized a inter disciplinary seminar entitled “To Day’s Youth: From Distress to De-Tress”. Smt. Pampa Chaterjee facilitated as a invite speaker. In the tropic of “ Motivation” took place as a subject of departmental seminar in recent past. Dr. Nandita Dev, Assistant Professor of Sishuram Das College gave lecture as a invite speaker.

• Department of Philosophy: The department of Philosophy conducted a state level seminar entitled “Philosophical thoughts in Sanskrit Literature’. The distinguish guests who attended the seminar and transported the programme in to a grant success with their oratory were Prof. Gangadhar Kar (H.O.D., philosophy, University of Jadavpur), Professor Dipankar Mukhapadhyay ( H.O.D., Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University).

• Department of Political Science: “World Human Rights Day” and “International Language Day” observed with pomp and conscience respectively in the year of 2016 and 2017 by this department. Dr. Mohit Roy, a noted Environmentalist attendant the programme on “World Human Rights Day” as a guest of honor and in “International Language Day” programme the department was fortunate to have Professor Arijit Bhattacharya, a faculty member of Political Science of University of Bardwan as a guest speaker.

• Department of Sanskrit: Departmental seminar was organized with the inviting guest speaker were Professor Gangadhar Kar(H.O.D., Jadavpur University) and Sri Dipankar Mukhapadhyay (H.O.D., Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University).

• Department of History: Departmental seminar organized with the inviting guest speaker M. Chattopadhya in the topic of “After the establishment of National Congress- Development of Indian Nationalism”.