Department Of Philosophy

The word ‘Philosophy’ comes from two greek words ‘Philos’ and ‘Sophia’. ‘Philos’ means Love and ‘Sophia’ means Wisdom. Hence the word ‘Philosophy’ denotes Love of Wisdom. On the other hand the Indian counterpart of ‘Philosophy’ is ‘Darśan’. The Sanskrit word ‘Darśan’ comes from the root Driś, after adding lyut as siffix. The root Driś means To See and suffix lyut means The Instrument or the Process. Thus ‘Darśan’ means the process or instrument of seeing. Here the term ‘seeing’ does not mean, mere viewing or watching. Rather, viewing the truth or reality is denoted here. Viewing the truth is impossible if someone does not have the love of wisdom. Thus to see the truth or reality you must have to be the lover of wisdom in some sense.

Now, what is truth? What is reality? Again truth or reality is one thing and knowing the truth or reality is something other. Then the questions come what knowing is? How far can we know? What are the sources of knowing? Mere knowing is not sufficient for our daily existence. Our day to day life is full of actions. Is our action moral or immoral? What will be a just criterion of morality? The probable answers to these questions are annexed by justifications. For the purpose of justification arguments are used. Now there are some good arguments, as well as some bad arguments or faulty arguments. So it is important to distinguish between these two in order to avoid bad ones and decipher faults in others’ arguments. In their UG course, students got the opportunity to deal with all the above-mentioned questions from both Indian and Western perspectives. This practice enables them in the art of unbiased, critical and logical thinking. This practice is not only beneficial for students who want to build their career in academics but also in other fields of earning livelihood.

The Department of Philosophy of Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya started its journey in the year 2007, the year of the inception of the college itself. In the academic year 2010-11, the department started its honours course with 23 students. At present the number of B.A (Hons.) first year first semester students in the department is 50. In the year 2016-17 one student had secured first class marks in the B.A (Hons.) final examination and in the year 2017-18 two students had secured first class marks in the B.A. (Hons.) part 2 final examination. Educational tours and parents-teacher meetings are regularly arranged each year to reinforce students. Short films with philosophical viability are shown to set up a philosophical mindset in every sphere of life. Our department primarily emphasises the participation style of teaching, encouraging students to express their own views. Our alumni are illuminating the name of our Department in different Government sectors and in the PG sections of different esteemed Universities.

Our Department is looking forward that many potential students, who will more brighten the name of our Department in future, will be associated with us in the upcoming academic year.