Human Values and Professional Ethics

Our institution is an abode of educational and cultural bliss as the employees act with integrity, nurture a cordial relationship with each other and maintain professional work environment. As every employee is appointed according to their professional competences, any unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, colour, creed, religion, gender is strictly prohibited. Moreover, the authority does not indulge in any kind of verbal, physical harassment of the employees. In our institution, regularity and punctuality of the employees pave the way for reaching the zenith of success in every arena.

With a view to maintaining a peaceful harmonious environment within college campus our institution has set certain behavioral standards. These codes of conducts are as follows:

·         The students must be punctual and regular in attending classes.

·         The students must bring their identity card every day.

·         The students must maintain decent and cordial relationship with the teachers, staffs and among themselves.

·         In order to appear in the University Examinations the students must have 75% attendance.

·         The students must abide by the rules and regulations otherwise the authority will take strict action.

·         Students are not allowed to either record lectures in class room or actions of others students and faculties without getting prior permission.

·         Every student has to submit online anti-ragging declaration.

·          If the students have any kind of grievances they can drop the complaint letter to the complaint box or can mail it to . The authority will take necessary action.

·         Smoking and possessing, consuming, distributing, selling of alcohol is prohibited.

·         The students must not carry any harmful chemicals, banned drugs, ammunition, explosives, weapons, fireworks, contrary to law or policy.